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Kevin grew up in a small town in central Arkansas where neighbors were treated like family, and family was your most important ally. Like a lot of southern boys he played baseball, but also enjoyed Tae Kwon Do and cycling.

Growing up outdoors made him want to capture the beauty of what he saw, so he developed an interest in photography. After easily comprehending the mechanical and technical aspects of photography in his classes in high school, as well as the love to strive for aesthetically pleasing images, Kevin pursued photography classes at the University of Central Arkansas while starting his studies for a degree in Architecture. His pictures were good; he knew it. Soon others noticed it and then began a multitude of requests for his photographic skills that caused a change in educational direction. That change prompted his transfer to Southern Illinois University at Carbondale where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinematography and Photography.

After graduation, he headed to Los Angeles, CA where he shuffled between working in a music store and as a photo assistant, all the while diligently networking to try to advance a career in the photo industry.

After learning of a need for photographers in Nashville, TN, Kevin decided it was time to relocate back to the south. Once there, he started working for Gibson Guitar and their different divisions, shooting concerts and studio work with entertainers and product both. When not shooting for Gibson, he would throw in with other photographers, both local and from out of town, assisting on numerous assignments. After becoming well known for the ability to photograph the rigors of concerts on film with the constant lighting changes and fast-paced movement, other clients as The Gaither Gospel Group and Gabriel Communications started requesting his services. Growing with time, he spent time producing images of entertainers in the Country, Gospel, Christian, and Rock music industry.

An opportunity arose in Las Vegas, NV that allowed Kevin to combine his talent for photography with his love for architecture as he started working with architecture imagery for the in-house agencies at different casinos. He also did entertainer photography for the various magazines in town and continued with his live music photography. Kevin’s ability to remain professional while possessing a laid-back attitude meant he was sought to work with crews from all reaches of the world when in town on assignment.

Kevin’s dedication to family motivated him to return to his hometown, but to this day he follows his passions with a camera, practicing what he learned over 25 years of working with other photographers from around the globe.

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